The Project

The Urban Park and Marina Beira Mar will bring new possibilities of uses and spaces for the practice of sports, leisure and contemplation for the space of leisure more used by florianopolitanos. The initial idea emerged from a manifestation of the business entities of Florianópolis through of delivered studies that showed project viability. From then on, the City Hall evaluated the relevance of the proposal and established an Procedure Of Manifestation of Interest (PMI) to obtain more information about the feasibility of the project.

Private resources from the concession of the space to private companies will finance the Project. The area will have a coexistence public urban park with space for the accomplishment of events, parking of vehicles, kiosks, area of leisure and space for sea sport practices. There will be integration of transport modals through of the future nautical transport facility, marina public and the BRT - Bus Rapid Transit that is already in implantation at Beira Mar Norte Avenue.


  • Implantation of Urban Park and Marina at Beira Mar Norte Avenue and through it:
  • Rescuing the relation of the City with the Sea;
  • Expanding leisure options in the highest population density region of the city;​
  • Generating new business, jobs and opportunities;
  • Promoting the municipal nautical development;
  • Promoting the integration of transport modes, such as BRT and maritime transport;
  • Increasing tourism;
  • Satisfying pent-up demand for parks, marinas and others equipments;
  • Strengthening existing economic activities in the surroundings as commercial, educational, hotel, service and gastronomy establishments.
  • Rationale

  • The Nautical Ordering Plan of Florianópolis highlights the physical condition of the west coast for the installation of nautical ventures. The coast line in this region is derived from human interventions with embankments and rockfalls, forming a site with less interference in the environment, as well as less environmental impacts and conflicts;
  • Geophysical, Bathymetric and Geotechnical Studies indicated the proposed area as the most suitable in the region for the implementation of the Park and Marina, since there are no rocks and deeper draft, requiring less dredging;
  • The Beira Mar Norte leisure structure attends a large public daily and demands the creation of a wider area for the provision of a greater variety of sports and recreation activities, already predicted by IPUF in project since the 90's.
  • Historical Review

    The first descriptions about the Island of Santa Catarina, where a large part of the Municipality of Florianópolis is located, came from navigators who for a long time used it as a base in their expeditions to the south of the continent. Its strategic importance as point of mooring and supply caused the foundation of a town, that later became Village, Capitania and finally Municipality. For centuries the main economic activity of the city was based on its relation with the sea and especially with the navigation, for several reasons: by expeditions, for fishing, as an exporter of the products of the interior of the State, as a link between the parishes of the interior of the Island and with the mainland. The region propose for Marina Beira Mar Park used to be full by boats, piers and sea-related activities until the landfills built for the road system of Beira Mar Norte Avenue.

    350.000 m²

    The area indicated for the execution of the Urban Park and Marina is located at Rubens de Arruda Ramos Avenue - Beira Mar Norte, Centro district, in Florianópolis, between coordinates 27 ° 35'10.27 "S and 48 ° 33'13.31" W, corresponding to the area where today is the Praça de Portugal, extending to the Praça do Sesquicentenário. In the direction of the sea it enters by about 315 meters, with average depths ranging from 1.5 to 4 meters.

  • Urban Park wit 123.000 m²
  • Public marina for about 60 boats
  • Private marina for about 624 boats